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Many resourceful tools and features are integrated into Internet Download Manager. The torrent client’s features are somehow the same as that of Internet Download Manager. The closeness in features does not mean they are the same, IDM is better in all senses than torrent clients features. The features are:

  • Practically, everything that can be downloaded online is possible to be downloaded with IDM.
  • No form of complication is associated with this application
  • Downloads that are fragmented in the process can be repaired by IDM. Fragmented download results from an internet connection that may have been disconnected suddenly
  • No need of taking a long route before downloading with IDM. Download directly on this software.
  • IDM has FTP protocol and HRRP protocol incorporated into it. The purpose of these two protocols is that the private information of the users is kept safe.
  • Error recovery is another feature that is included in this software. And any data mistakenly deleted or lost as a result of some reasons whether intentionally or not can be retrieved.
  • Cookies, redirects, authorizations, and firewalls are supported on this software
  • Fixing of bugs of various kind of categories
  • Speed limit setting is another option that can be found in IDM
  • Provision for MPEG content processing and likewise for MP3
  • The normal speed of downloading is increased to five times this normal speed
  • You can use IDM on virtually all common browsers used by computer users. The likes of Opera Mini, MSN Explorer, Internet Explorer, AOL, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Avant browser, and browsers of other developers
  • You can also play with your downloading process. The use of tools like pause, play, resume, hold on and so on are included to play with the downloading process. You may decide to stop a downloading process and you may decide to pause in other to continue with it later. Just choose any option that fits what you want to do.
  • This software has a feature of downloading a Zip format and can also unzip the folder in to extract the contents needed in it.
  • The speed limit can be set to suit one’s discretion
  • Another great feature which is really an advantage for all users is the capacity to make a schedule on when to start a download. Just pick a date and time when you need it to download, it automatically starts when you reach that time and day
  • Another feature included is the opportunity to download videos at a high resolution
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